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Refractive surgery can be performed to reduce or eliminate a patient’s dependency on spectacles and contact lenses.

There are three main procedures available:

  • corneal surgery with an excimer laser
  • lens surgery, and
  • a technology called ICL, which stands for implantable contact lens.

The three options available and vison outcomes will be discussed on consultation.

How is the most suitable type of surgery determined?

A number of factors need to be assessed to determine a particular patient’s suitability for any of these procedures, and this assessment is performed by one of our optometrists at our Chermside rooms and also in the city at Queensland Laser Vision centre.

This assessment takes about an hour and requires pupil dilation, so driving is not advised for a few hours following the assessment. If a patient is determined to be suitable for a particular procedure, a consultation can be organised with the surgeon to discuss the surgical options further.

Contact us today to arrange a refractive surgery assessment.